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09:56 pm: Out!

I’m sitting on a patio in Indianapolis, beginning the digestive process on a decent portabella sandwich. A beer has been delivered to the table – it could be the second of the evening – and it rests beside my laptop. I’m the guy at the restaurant with his laptop out, posting to facebook.

Don’t judge.

The temperature is perfect. It’s perhaps 78 degrees, and the stars are beginning to be visible behind the bright lights of the downtown. I enjoy hearing the contented babble of people making their way through a summer evening. I enjoy being outside in a t-shirt and jeans and feeling downright comfortable.

Earlier this evening I worked in at a local jiu jitsu place. Good people, strong and competent. I had a solid workout and didn’t get injured – which is all I really ask when I’m on the road.

As to work today, I quote penny arcade:

My response was to haul out the big guns. Actually, it’s my policy to leverage the big guns exclusively. I had a few little guns for awhile, and I sent them back. “Won’t be needing these,” I said.

With that, I return to deleting email and considering how a more humble, and also more witty, individual might respond to what remains.

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