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03:12 pm: Quicken for Mac – Dead

I currently run Quicken for Mac, 2007.

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased Quicken for Mac, 2010. I downloaded it, and tried to add an account. When it got to the part about downloading transactions from my bank, I entered exactly the same information that (still) works in the old software. Rejection.

Feeling a little silly, I verified with my bank that the authentication info is the same – and that there’s not some stupid distinction between a PIN, a passcode, and a password. Nope. All correct.

So I wrote to Intuit (who make Quicken), described the situation, and said “if this cannot be made to work, then I would like a refund.”

Just got a note that my refund is on the way.

In other words, the stone cold CORE functionality of this product (get my transactions electronically, save me typing) no only doesn’t work – but it’s so broken that customer support has been told to just give me my money back rather than trying to get it working.

Damn shame. Intuit was one of the few companies ever to go head to head with Microsoft – on an identical product – and win. They won by being smarter about why people use their software. However, apparently Mac is dead to them.

Hopefully something that doesn’t suck will come out before Quicken 2007 dies on me. I’ve looked at the alternatives, and they’re worse.

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