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12:06 am: Deeeeeeetroit.

I am exhausted, but satisfied.

Been running around like the proverbial decapitated chicken for the last several days. It started with the 16 hour drive from Boston to Michigan – we decided not to risk the border crossing with a trailer full of boxes. That makes things substantially longer than the 12 hour optimal shot. My dad and I had hour upon hour of awesome conversation … I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday than by taking time with my dad to talk until we talk ourselves out. Fell exhausted into bed in the room that was my mom’s when she grew up. Woke up in an uncomfortable sweat-drenched haze at about 2am because there was no air movement in the house.

On thursday, I got the house inspected by the city. This was somewhat perfunctory. The inspector all-but called us as a “pass” from his car. Then I drove to West Branch to see my uncle. We chummed around for the afternoon, him showing me his business and the family owned 120 acres of swampland. Thanks, grandpa, that’s some swell swampland you left in trust for me.

Thursday night, I got back to the house in Detroit at about 9pm and realized that I was fiendishly hungry. Drove north on Woodward to find the beginnings of the Dream Cruise. I settled on the patio at Como’s, had a salad, and watched some goddamn fascinating people walk around while classic muscle cars blasted up and down the street. Fell into bed about midnight, and woke up around 2am, drenched in sweat. No air movement in the stultifying house.

Friday I had the lead inspection (duh, there’s lead paint on the walls). Caught lunch with a friend, and then headed to Ann Arbor for an afternoon of working from cafes and an evening of revels with technolope, aerospacegirl, and others. Got back to the house, fell asleep, and woke in the now predictable, but still uncomfortable pool of my own sweat at about 2am.

Today, I packed some boxes, went to a memorial service for my great aunt, dropped my rental car and picked up techolope and my car at the airport, ate at the funky cafe on the corner, and packed more boxes. It is now midnight. However, technolope being a genius, he found a box labeled “FAN” and has rigged some goddamn air movement in this place. I am truly excited about sleeping.

12 hour drive across canada begins at 7am. Booyah!

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