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10:18 pm: A notional dialogue

Was discussing various things with redmed this evening via skype, and the topic of wolverines came up. Wolverines, for those who don’t know, are the meanest member of the weasel family. Skunks are also members of the weasel family. The discussion started with skunks, since we apparently have one who hangs out on our porch.

Anyway, the conversation led to the observation that in a fight between a wolverine and a skunk, the wolverine would win easily. It would smell bad afterwards – but that’s okay because the only thing in the nostrils of a wolverine is BADASS.

We turned to the fact that wolverines routinely drive cougars off their kills. The following hypothetical dialogue ensued:

wolverine rrr
cougar dude, this is totally mine. I …
wolverine  RRRRR!
couger dude, I’m bigger than you – longer legs – I’ve got you by like a hundred pounds
wolverine rrrr *NIP*
cougar DUDE! WTF?
wolverine RRR! *NIP* *SLAP*
cougar Damn hombre, I’m movin’ I’m moving’
wolverine rrr (eat) rrrr

Of course, this led to the following relationship summary for redmed and me:

Two wolverines rrr / rrr (snuggle)
everyone else (thank god)

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