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11:40 pm: The best cup of coffee

So I’m sitting up until all hours, watching Black Hawk Down, because my brother in law went and reminded me of it, so now I have to watch it again.

And I’m at the scene where the dude with the strange and mysterious skill that’s kept him out of combat for three deployments (typing) is bedding down for a highly hostile and dangerous night in the city. For whatever reason, he’s brought his coffee grinder, some beans, and a strainer (as opposed to, say, ammo). He’s making coffee for the Delta guys who are going to keep them alive until sunrise.

And, not that there’s any comparison, but it reminded me of a cup of coffee I had in Haiti, in February of this year.

Thanks, Alan, for making space for the good stuff … and a grinder to do it justice.

It’s the little things.

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