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08:00 pm: Quick clips

Found a juicy paragraph in the grandparent correspondence. This one is from my grandfather brother (John) describing a party:

When Dee was home several weeks ago we had quite a party at Bud’s house, although I imagine Dorothy (my grandmother) has given you most of the details. All of the old gang were there and Doug and Lola and Bill C. and his wife were also there. I don’t know if you have ever met this ‘Scotty.’ She is a friend of Pauline’s and her husband. They were also there and Dee happened to be locked in the same room with Scotty for a while. He was in his usual condition when he unlocked the door and Scotty’s husband walked in and gave both Dee and his wife a paste in the eye. This sort of livened up the party. Dee did not know until ten minutes later what had happened although he wasn’t knocked out – he was just feeling good enough that it was all rather strange to him. Then these two left. I daw Dee a couple of days later and his eye was not as bad as it looked like it was going to be. Just the same old stuff.


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