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12:10 am: Of lemons, and squeezing

I am in Minneapolis.

I have been brought here by a particular storage vendor who wants some opinions on the “life sciences market.” For this, we are having breakfast in the morning and perhaps a couple of meetings.

This afternoon, I arrived on an airplane. I rented a car from a hateful little car rental company who sucks sucks sucks. I checked into a Sheraton. Then I drove an hour north to see my god-children and some dear friends from when we used to live here. On the way south, I stopped off at an inner city ER where another good friend works.

Tomorrow, after said morning of meetings, I will have lunch with a devilishly clever engineer, and then I will guest lecture a class at St. Thomas University – taught by yet another old friend.

On Thursday, I return home on the early flight.

If life is a lemon, then let it be said of me that I squeezed the hell out of that lemon.

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