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11:12 am: Ordinary

The totally ordinary parts of my life are where I find the most happiness.

redmed described yesterday pretty well. Wake up – putter around – start moving – get breakfast – pick up veggies from the farm share – make some sort of preserved concoction (mango chutney) – go see some kinda street fair – play with power tools, cussing and breaking and fixing – then settle in with computer games – all in close proximity to her and the cats.

This morning – similar. I woke up and wandered into the office only to realize that there was a cross-oceanic-video-skype going on with capital_l, so I should probably put on some pants. So far, I’ve kicked off a couple more debugging jobs for work, chopped another parcel of the red oak that we picked up (unsplit, warms you twice) for firewood, and mowed and edged the lawn. Next, I think I may scope craigslist for a weight bench. I’ve decided that “12 pounds under the threshold for my weight class,” puts me at a disadvantage. I can either lose 5 pounds and be constantly nervous about eating a larger sandwich, or I can put on 7 or 8 pounds of muscle. I’ve always kind of wanted to be buff.

Work? Oh yeah, I’m getting on another goddamn airplane tomorrow. Each individual trip is sorta fun and fulfilling – but in mass they take me away from the place where I’m happiest: right here.

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