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05:46 pm: Ordinary

Continuing on the theme of reveling in the ordinary things – it’s a truly glorious day. I played a bit of hooky and hopped a train to Providence this afternoon. Usually I drive, but it struck me as a nice day for a train ride. So I’ve read the paper – caught up on email (INBOX 0, people) – and now I’m waiting for a bit of a workout with old friends at the karate school.

I’ve been feeling strong lately. Historically, this means that I’m going to overexert and injure myself. Therefore, I’m trying something a little different: I craigslisted up a weight bench in the basement, and I’m mixing in cardio conditioning twice a week. Perhaps I can merely get strong without becoming unbalanced and brittle again. That would be neat. I would like to hold on to “strong,” and not continue through the regular cycle into “pissed off and recuperating” again.

Lot of history in the air today. The weather is filled with perfect back-to-school crispness. The mornings are dewey and chilly and demand a sweater, but the afternoon sun makes that same sweater too hot and sweaty. It feels like a good time to start projects. To re-commit to long term efforts.

The farmer’s markets are gasping their last before winter descends. I’m stocking up on beets, potatoes, onions, and so on. The hot peppers are perfect – and may be made into a hot sauce before the weekend is out.

Short form: I like this place – I should spend more time here.

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