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11:32 pm: Nothing to say

Last week I was in MI for redmeds med school 10 year reunion. We spent the whole trip driving back and forth to see various family and friends. Logged 800 miles on the rental car in four days. Hung out with two different sets of grandparents, my dad, and some of the rest of you. Sorry that we missed the rest. There was simply no more time to be had.

Got back at about midnight Sunday, and started the week with a two day trip to California. Out on Monday at 11am. Meetings in the afternoon, dancing at DNA Lounge, and then all day meetings on Tuesday, and the red-eye back to arrive at 7am on Wed. Yesterday was a bit confusing, but I pushed through and was rewarded with a very pleasant dinner with redmed, capital_l, and technolope. Turns out that beer hits you hard when you’re exhausted. Wheeeee!

Today was absolutely consumed by conference call after conference call. Then, at the very end, I got a total softball of a DNS configuration question to make me feel smart. After that, I hit the wall and just sort of passed out from 6 to 7:30. 7:30 is when Judo starts – and I’ve been wanting to get back to judo – so my body went ahead and woke itself up … but I was wiped. Puddle of drool on the pillow. Cats sitting on my head. That sort of thing.

It is now nearly midnight. It is time to go to bed.

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