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03:36 pm: Dietary plan

I’ve developed an odd and personal dietary plan over the last 35 years. It’s working out pretty well for me so far. I make no promises that this will work for anyone other than me.

1) Eat meat (animal protein) only in moderation. I’ve gotten down to “no mammals or birds” and “occasional fish.” I’m working on “sustainable fish only.” I doubt that I’ll make it to “real vegetarian,” and I’ve got no designs whatsoever on veganism.

2) If I *do* eat animal protein, I’m obligated to deal with a dead animal carcass from time to time. Currently, this is served by the fish CSA that delivers a five pound fish once a week. I have to carve it up and deal with the big, lifeless eyes looking at me while I do it. I don’t particularly enjoy that – but I feel that I owe it to myself as part of respecting the animal who died so that I could eat it.

3) Eat food as spicy as I can stand it. My theory is that this keeps me strong and virile. Also, it keeps predators and opportunists out of my food.

4) Eat pickles. Lots of pickles. And olives. And some more pickles. My theory is that this keeps my guts powerfully churning and the bacteria down.

5) Eat in balance to physical activity. If I’m crazy hungry because I exercise a lot – that’s fine.

6) Allow myself to get hungry before eating. Don’t eat just because it’s suppertime.

7) Restaurants serve stupid-huge portions. Don’t feel obligated to order a “real” entree, or to clean my plate in a restaurant. However, once I know the portion sizes, I am obligated to order sensibly. The exception to this is garlic fries. I can order a whole bowl of garlic fries and only eat a couple of them.

8) Drink all the water I want – plus a couple of glasses a day.

9) Watch out for suffering in my food chain. I don’t want to exist atop a large stack of suffering.

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