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07:44 pm: Fair’s fair

Since I posted my gripe-o-gram about the laptop repair here, It seems only fair to post the follow up. I got first an email and then a phone call from the guy who owns the Apple stores for all of Minnesota. He seems a nice enough fellow, and I was completely impressed that my complaint got attention so far up the food chain so fast. I mean, we’ve got a “market manager” calling me on a Sunday to follow up.

He’s convinced that the repairs in question all actually happened, all the parts listed on the invoice were really replaced, and that I got a pretty good deal on the whole thing ($1,200 worth of repairs for $650). I asked if he had access to information beyond the invoice that demonstrates to his satisfaction that all is right with the world. He said “yes.” I asked if I could see it. He said “no.” At that point, we were pretty much done. I can either take him at his word, or go to the better business bureau.

Fact is, they repaired my laptop. In all likelihood, they did replace the screen. It was an expensive accident, but I feel pretty satisfied with where we are now.

He offered to fix the dent which is still in my laptop shell, and waive the labor costs (an additional $350 cost to me. This is the bit that I got refunded on site by being a twerp about how it had clearly not been replaced). I’ve responded that if he tells me it was already replaced, I believe him. No further repairs needed.

Originally published at chris.dwan.org. You can comment here or there.

Originally published at chris.dwan.org. You can comment here or there.

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