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04:41 pm: Houuuuuuuse

I’m on a train, heading in to Boston for my job interview. This is with the Broad Institute, a collaborative venture of MIT, Harvard, and Whitehead. I don’t really know what position I”m even interviewing for. One of the group leads suggested that I’m perfect for his group, but for what reason? I don’t know. Guess that’s what I’ll ask during the “do you have any questions for us” part of the interview. Reality is that he’s a wicked talented guy, and I hear he’s fun (if demanding) to work with. I think I could use an intense phase of my career at this point.

If I take the job, this would be my first experience with a serious commute. So far, the commuter rail seems pretty nice, even if the seats are small. I can clicky-clack to my heart’s content for an hour each way. Assuming that I can muster the personal discipline to (a) get to the train on time in the morning and (b) save tasks that can be done on the train for doing on the train, I think it might just work out. I might even be able to barter my parking benefit (if there is one) for a monthly train pass.

The big news is that we made an offer on a house in Rhode Island. The location rocks (near water, quiet street, all that good stuff). When we first went to look at it on Monday, we had to make our way through throngs of people at the Memorial Day parade for the town. I’m having trouble coming up with anything more idyllic or picturesque as a scene for looking at a prospective place to live. It was basically love at first sight. The yard is large (okay, fine, it’s Rhode Island large…but a quarter acre in the city is nothing to sneeze at) and includes a bunch of different species of tree. There’s even a Red Maple. Love those trees.

The house itself has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full dining room, a living room, a sizable kitchen, and a sunny porch for my plants. I think it’ll do nicely. The basement is unfinished, and the stairs into the basement are a little bit narrow. Okay, they’re a lot narrow. Neither Jen nor I is a really large person, but if either of us puts on 100 pounds, the basement will be denied us. I’m really not sure how they got the water heater and stuff down there. That’s one of the questions for the inspector.

It’ll need some work. The paint sucks, the wallpaper sucks, the carpets cover hardwood floors…it’s the standard stuff that comes with a house that would ordinarily exceed the budget, except for its condition. Jen is running the inspection today. I hope that we find some superficial stuff that’s negotiable for some extra cash, but nothing major. A rotted out roof or termites would be deal breakers. The other fun fact is that the house is apparently in estate. I think that changes the negotiating style somewhat. It’s not like the dead have any particular schedule for dealing with getting their house sold.

Originally published at chris.dwan.org. You can comment here or there.

Originally published at chris.dwan.org. You can comment here or there.

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