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09:29 pm: Blarg. Eat kitty.

Just got back from excellent Korean food. Waaaaaay too much chili in there though. I can already tell that I’ve evoked the wrath of the belly gods. Only one solution: Ice cream, stat!

We bought a catnip plant at the farmers market, and gave the cats a little hit off of it this afternoon. Maia immediately started doing her “roll around, oh God yes” routine, and Merlot ate hers and then hooved in on Maia’s. Based on the amount of fun we had with those two little leaves, this plant was a total steal at $1.50.

Spent the afternoon doing manual chores outside (since it was stunning, again). Took a pile of scrub and scrap to the compost center, mowed, weeded, and otherwise made myself useful. Cleaned the car (which it needed badly), and touched up the paint on the Toyota, since Jen felt that the primer overspray from my previous attempts looked ghetto.

Does anyone have good ideas for preventing build-up of shells and bird crap under a birdfeeder? I really like the cardinals, titmice, and chickadees attracted by sunflower seeds, but within a couple of weeks I have this steaming mound of shells and baby plants in the center of the lawn. The thistle (nyger, whoops, nyger) feeder doesn’t have this problem, mostly because the squirrels and grackles don’t perch and strew. We’ve considered pre-shelled seeds, but they tend to be heinously expensive. I need to save that money to power my planet destroyer these days.

The plan, for those who were wondering: Load into the moving truck on the 25th of June. Close out of the saint paul house on the 28th of June. Drive. Close into the new house on the 1st of July. Have the moving truck arrive on the 2nd of July.

Did I mention the Ypsilanti water tower? Dude. It’s just not right.

Finished “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. It’s a fun read, very quick. I took three days, mostly because there has been so much else to do. I understand that some folks have a really big problem with the book. Doom on them. Read the jacket: It says “a novel.”

And with that, I must close. I’m rebuilding a bunch of software and my laptop is growing uncomfortable warm on the ‘ole lap.

Originally published at chris.dwan.org. You can comment here or there.

Originally published at chris.dwan.org. You can comment here or there.

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