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12:09 am: Boxed out

Todays packing total: 13 large, 2 medium, 32 small, and 3 wardrobe boxes. All neatly stacked in the garage, ready to go on the truck.

Yesterday I got used boxes from the moving company warehouse. It was one of those experiences that technolope might appreciate: Went to the warehouse, chatted with the guy, made a connection with a real live human being (with a very different life from mine) and walked away with about 150 high quality cardboard boxes in my car for nothing more than a handshake and a smile. Now of course, it’s policy that they provide their used boxes to customers…but this seemed to me a remarkably pleasant and human interaction. At no point did I show my ID and recite my customer number, and then wait for the faceless drone in the back to fetch my due. I talked to the dude who runs the warehouse. He gave me stuff. We laughed a little. I feel a little bit less dread now about the moving process.

I keep waiting for the knee in the packing curve, when the endless sea of little junk reduces suddenly and unexpectedly to a few large pieces of furniture and a lot of boxes. Hasn’t happened yet. Two days to go.

My question du jour: How exactly should I pack my axe?. I’m thinking that I’ll just leave it out for the movers to put in a box as they see fit. They undoubtedly have some sort of special purpose piece of corrugated cardboard for just such a purpose.

We’re still doing the idiot dance with the mortgage dude.

Them “We just need this one piece of additional documentation”
Me “Okay, but I have a confirmed, ready to go, mortgage from you, right?”
Them “Oh yes sir, yes sir. But the lack of this document, it’s holding things up…”
Me “If I don’t have a mortgage, I can go get one from someone else…”

There’s a new observation in here somewhere, about people always messing with you up to the limits you impose on them. “Jerk” tends to fill its containers, or some such.

Found a lawyer, chatted with him. Got good advice on the noncompete. Basically, I’m going to push back for a clause that says “if my termination is involuntary, the noncompete clause goes away.” That protects them from me walking out the door in six months with their trade secrets, and protects me from them ditching me in six months leaving me with no job in my field. I highly recommend Steve Smith to anyone looking for a Minnesota employment attorney. I get the impression that he knows his stuff and is a cool guy, to boot.

Originally published at chris.dwan.org. You can comment here or there.

Originally published at chris.dwan.org. You can comment here or there.

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