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11:16 pm: More moving…

Days improving. We’re on to the manual labor part. That, I can handle.

Yesterday, we closed. This was about as close to a fiasco as one can come and still walk out the other side with a house. I don’t blame the lawyer, he saw the documents about half an hour before the closing (as they usually do) and started kicking butt to get things straightened out. In no particular order:

- His administrative person had no clue about what was needed to process our loan. We spoke on the phone every day this week, but as late as half an hour after the closing she was calling with new demands for documents.

- The sellers didn’t show up. Apparently, their agent forgot to let them know about it. Said agent is the brother of the closing attorney.

- The sellers had not been informed that they were going to lose 6% of the proceeds of the sale to a Rhode Island tax, because neither of them live in the state. That’s the kind of thing that causes sellers to just balk and walk. They didn’t, to my knowledge.

- The closer didn’t know that the property was in guardianship / estate. That changes things, based on the sudden flurry of paperwork that they got going.

- Oh yeah, plus we learned the “funny story” about the property. Apparently the house was owned by mom, who recently moved to an assisted living home. The two daughters have legal custody. However, mom’s boyfriend / husband (nobody seems to know) continued living in the house until the daughters evicted him two months ago.

So I’ll be changing all the locks right about now, thanks. Gah.

Anyway, we have a house. The closer called me this afternoon to confirm that we’re “on record” and “everything is set.” At some point I’ll codify this into a nice little “this was my experience dealing with your closer” letter to the owner of the firm and to the realtor’s boss. Until then, we’re all smiles and sunshine.

Then there was the first trip to Home Depot. $180 for wallpaper removal tools, a pry bar, and various and sundry stuff. We’ll be back for about another $200 for the paint and painting supplies, most likely this weekend. Prying up tack strips from carpet is fun. Hulk SMASH!

My 5 tons of property is still in a warehouse in Saint Paul. Spoke with them today and got a little bit more firm (since we’re now two days into the delivery window they gave me). They appear to be just wildly overbooked, and I actually do believe that this isn’t really the fault of anyone I can find. Besides that, more time without furniture just means more time to paint and sand and do fundamental improvements to the house…so I don’t really mind. They also revealed that for every day after the 6th that I take delivery, there is a $125/day late-delivery refund. Given that, they can take all the time they need.

Oh yeah, and we have no hot water, because the heating oil tank is empty. That’s scheduled for “ASAP” over the holiday weekend, along with the furnace annual cleaning & inspection.

Overall, a good couple of days. Far superior to Monday, for example.

Originally published at chris.dwan.org. You can comment here or there.

Originally published at chris.dwan.org. You can comment here or there.

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