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05:04 pm: I went to work, and it was okay.

First day at the new job. For those who haven’t gotten the memo, I’ve joined the BioTeam. It’s a very small company based in Boston which started off two years ago providing consulting and professional services to life sciences researchers, and now has a software product (called iNquiry, the capitAlizAtion is sO nOt my fAult) which is resold by Apple on their workgroup clusters. By very small, I mean that my hiring in increased the company by 25%. I’m employee number one and team member number five.

Today was a pretty standard first day at a startup, from what I’ve read. Got the password for my email account, and laughed out loud that there were already 407 messages in it. Welcome to the support ticket system. Then, it turns out that there’s a trade journal for which we write a monthly column. It’s due on Friday. Guess whose turn it is to produce the 800 words on a topic of his choice. But wait, the master image for our product appears to be corrupt. We need a quality control system. Anyone written one of those before? Chris, what can you bang out before the fedex drop deadline?

In all seriousness, they hired me because they were successful enough and busy enough to need help. In this freakish economy, being wildly busy is a rare benefit, and I’ll take it any day over the alternative. I just need to adapt back to the 220 volts of industry from the 110 (or maybe lower) of academic life.

We already have a namespace collision: Five people, and I’m the second “Chris D.” Sadly for me, he has seniority.

The house still has no hot water, the furniture is still in Saint Paul. On the other hand, the bedroom is now a very impressive shade of purple. I think it’ll be very cool looking once we get the tape down and the drop cloths off the floor. I can tell that Jen is nervous that we’ve ruined our new house.

Originally published at chris.dwan.org. You can comment here or there.

Originally published at chris.dwan.org. You can comment here or there.

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