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11:14 pm: Yard day

That was fun.

We had these mid-sized rocks all over our yard, in vaguely cool yet disorganized circles. It would have been a nice way to set off landscaping, had there been landscaping to offset, and had the rocks not been painted white. Decided that painted rocks were not really our style. Moved rocks and used them to build a dual-bin composter. Sometime in the future, we’ll have one bin for “ready” and one bin for “working.” At the moment, they’re both going to be set to “furious decomposition” until I get rid of these extra plant parts.

Having established a place to put plant refuse, I attacked the beds surrounding the house. Removed truly amazing amounts of overgrowth and debris. The lilac out front had about half its volume in this climbing creeper which seemed determined to reach the eaves of the house by way of the bush. Gone. Lots of these really well optimized creepers with cute tiny blue flowers. Gone. By around 1pm, there was open space in the flowerbeds. Along the way, I discovered that we do in fact have decorative shrubbery. I also discovered three dead rosebushes. Sort of a shame.

On removing a large dead rose bush from the central yard, I discovered that we also have cess pits. Two of them. i’ve never even contemplated the idea of owning a largish underground container of cess…but there you go. My neighbors suggested dumping dirt in the hole and running water in to move the dirt to the open spaces until the dirt didn’t move anymore. Jen pointed out that cess pits are usually about 15 feet wide, despite the 2′ by 2′ mouth. 160 lbs of topsoil (four, 40lb bags) made a dent, but it’s still open.

Bought a tomato plant. It was spending way too much energy producing vines. Somebody had been feeding this plant straight nitrogen based fertilizer. Put it in the yard. If it’s alive in two days, I’ll feed it some 5-15-15 to turn on the roots and fruit.

Placed both birdfeeders. The finches have already found the suet feeder.

Overall, a fine day.

Originally published at chris.dwan.org. You can comment here or there.

Originally published at chris.dwan.org. You can comment here or there.

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