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08:15 am: The end of the internet

I am saddened to report on the end of the internet. It has achieved its purpose, and may now be shut down. What we have here is dudes in dinosaur costume, playing glam rock. Not just any glam rock, mind you, but a lullaby to the last mammoth.

A loose translation, courtesy of paleochick:

"Brushing his long hair
Blowing his trunk as well
He cleans his tusks
On top of the cold permafrost
He lays down his great and mighty head
And straightens his tail
The wind blows
All land covered in snow
He falls asleep under the tree
Good night, the last mammoth
It's time to go to sleep
Good night, the last mammoth
You will be remembered"

It’s time to go to sleep. Good night, the last mammoth. You will be remembered.

Yeah, I think that our work here is done.

Originally published at chris.dwan.org. You can comment here or there.


Date:January 12th, 2011 08:28 am (UTC)


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