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07:30 am: Sledding

I went sledding this afternoon. Like, hardcore sledding. Sledding on a former ski slope. Sledding like God only dreams of sledding. Thanks to MS for agreeing to play hookey with me – and for providing the plan, the sleds, and the helmets.

We arrived and started saying things like “holy crap, that’s a big ski slope.”

It’s a damn long walk up the hill.

Mark gives the thumbs up, prior to a bumpy ride.


Crash, and laughter!

We blazed a trail all the way to the top of the hill – where the snow was too deep for children to tread.

I believe that we agreed to name our trench “Stock and Dwan’s Folly.” On my last ride down – Mark described it as being “like a comet.” I couldn’t see a damn thing for the flying snow – so I bailed out every now and then to check that no children had wandered into my path. It was *awesome*.

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