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10:37 am: Oil prices

It appears that the oil market has finally noticed the “instability” in the middle east. Friedman had a brilliantly clear editorial yesterday that I want to excerpt wholesale. Instead of that, you should go read it. I’ll just share his closing paragraph:

Seeing the Arab democracy movements in Egypt and elsewhere succeed in modernizing their countries would be hugely beneficial to them and to the world. We must do whatever we can to help. But no one should have any illusions about how difficult and convulsive the Arabs’ return to history is going to be. Let’s root for it, without being in the middle of it.

I wonder if that’s even possible anymore – for America to be passionate and influential, but without honestly believing that she is the core player in every world event. The revolutions going on in Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, and others are not fundamentally about us. Does our pride support that idea?

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