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07:45 am: Our god damned money

Today’s headline reads that A recent spike in the price of oil has many wondering how high it will go, and what the fallout could be to a vulnerable recovery in the United States. While I’m all in favor of self serving navel gazing in the small (look mom, I have a blog!), I must protest just a tiny bit at beginning the monetization of the revolution while people are still dying in the streets. I know the Oscars are on and all, but could you please just glance up and see the history being made in the streets?

No? Carry on then.

Of course, this is not the beginning of the monetization. The smart people “shorted” oil as soon as protesters walked into the public square in Egypt. The smart people are way ahead of this game. Excuse me, I need to go shift more of my money into the “whatever Fidelity tells me to do, I trust you,” fund. Of course, the smart people also shorted Bernie Madoff and then let him run as long as he could. When you’re betting in favor of catastrophe, it pays well to lean back and have a nice cigar while the catastrophe marinates.

Similarly, war is good for business except when it’s bad for business. Wait, wait, I’ll get it – give me a sec – liberals are a little slow. It’s good for business when WE START IT. In Egypt, at least we sold them the tear gas canisters. I guess that’s something. However, when brown people kill brown people – it’s hard for the US to profit directly.

Darn that mid-east democracy. Cutting out the middleman.

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