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08:58 am: New data

I was an early adopter for 23 and me, got my first set of genome data back in April of 2008. Now, I’m nowhere near the real leaders in the field, but I was there when it started to get cool. Got the T-shirt, but not the tattoo.

So I just received the data from my v3 spit kit data. They made me pay this time around, but that’s cool. Soon enough, this stuff will be a $25 question at the local pharmacy. For the moment, I’m happy to break open the wallet to move science along.

Initial analysis at the level of “is it there?” against the v2 kit:

Set 1 but not set 2: 569. Set 1 in both: 595966 total: 596535
Set 2 but not set 1: 407807. Set 2 in both: 595966 total: 1003773

So, that looks to be a great deal more data with only a small loss. There were only 50 SNPs where the two kits made different calls – so that’s good.

What does it mean? Who KNOWS? But it’s more DATA!

Seriously. 400,000 additional data points without reference or explanation. What’s not to like?

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