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07:41 am: Random disconnected thoughts
If you were in the middle of a stressful and confusing situation, and five of your very best friends showed up, would it help the situation? If you answered 'yes', you're probably an extrovert. I'm not an extrovert.

When I mow the lawn, I end up chasing the rabbit around. He hides in the long grass, which seems like a good idea without the global knowledge that that's the very worst place to go if you want to avoid the mower. Jen claims that I'm exercising him. He seems to dislike being exercised.

I've been married for four years now, and committed to the same person for something close to ten. Woah.

The thing that disturbs me most about the political venom that's being flung this year is that both sides seem to be accusing the other, fundamentally, of a lack of good intentions. The decisions that led us to Iraq (and all the other dumb things we're doing right now) did not stem from a lack of good intentions. Really, I believe that (terrifyingly), the Bush camp really believes that they're trying to make the world a better and safer place, and that our current foreign policy is the very best way to accomplish that. Similarly, we get some of the very dumbest excesses of affirmative action from unthinking good will. Good intention unrestrained by critical and analytic thought is a Bad Idea, no matter which party you happen to follow.

This ties in with something I learned while trying to teach people to sing: Nobody sings badly on purpose. If they're singing (governing) badly, it's either because they don't know where "better" is, or they don't know how to get there. Just saying "sing better" is a waste of time and annoys the pig. Or something like that.

Then again, WRT politics, I'm reminded of the Eli Weisel quote: "Muslims can talk about Allah, Christians can talk about Jesus, and Atheists can talk about nothing." I'm still hoping to vote for the man who will get the least people killed over the next four years. Still can't tell who that is.

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Date:June 4th, 2004 01:40 pm (UTC)
I've recently come to the belief that everyone, when given a choice, consults their internal priorities list and makes the best decision possible for their list of priorities for that given time. Even Bush does this. Even people that vote Republican think that they're making the right choice.

The problem is always in people's priorities. All too often, people's priorities stem from wholly selfish or hedonistic tendencies. You're so correct about the need for critical and analytic thought in decisions, but I think that proper thought and consideration of one's priorities is equally, if not more, important. Setting those priorities (like: Avoid trading poor kids' lives for cheaper gas) right should be the goal of critical thought.

I think we mean the same thing, anyways. I heartily agree with you.
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