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11:19 am: Less thinking, more packing
P4C/<1|\|G & |\/|0\/1|\|G |-|4\/3 \/\/HUPP3D |\/|Y 455

About the same number of boxes tonight as Tues. There's still more to do. We need to achieve at least a stable state from which to issue instructions for when the packers / movers arrive tomorrow. I'm really glad we went with the "partial pack" option. Anything that's not packed yet will simply be put in a box and appear (hopefully) in Rhode Island in about two weeks.

New owner did the final walkthrough. We explained about burying the roses. She was baffled. She'll learn.

Negotiations continue with the prospective bosses. They need to get through their head that I'm simply not going to sign myself out of the entire industry. "computer programming and / or high performance computing for life sciences researchers and, plus whatever we happen to be working on besides that, plus no working for any of our clients, prospective clients, suppliers ..." Not without a promise of truly obscene pay for the duration. If I have to take an involuntary year off, I want to take it on vacation.

Considering tapping the "unholy strength" that is 10pm coffee. I'll twitch and have freaky dreams...but I'll get another two hours of productivity. Yeah, that's probably a good idea.

Now: No more thinking. That thing you're holding: Pack it. Now pick up something else. Move move move move...


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