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11:34 pm: Panda party

My friends threw a little going-away party for me this evening. It was a good time. We went out for sushi and then out for peanuts and beers.

Knowing our longstanding thing for pandas (particularly Hua Mei at the San Diego Zoo), Tim and Sarah gave me a children’s panda costume. As a gag, I put it over my head for a group picture. Within seconds, two random women were over from the bar asking to have a picture taken with me in the costume. They claimed that they thought it was some sort of bachelor party thing (hello, they asked my wife to take the picture) and just wanted to be part of the fun. I let them wear the panda costume and photographed them instead.

Take home lesson: If you want random women to talk to you in a bar, put on a children’s panda costume. Thanks Tim and Sarah. ;)

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